L0 Line Naming

Survey line number, date, time, vessel name and sensor in the following format:



e.g.: 1342_20020602_232433_Solander_EM710.all


Where #### is the sequential survey line number, yyyy is the year, mm is the month, dd is the date, hh is the hour, mm is the minute, ss is the second, vessel name is the vessel name, sensor is the specific Multibeam senor model, * is the raw file extension (usually specific to the sonar system). All these are assigned automatically by the acquisition software such as Seafloor Information System (SIS) and PDS.


The survey line numbers used must be continuous and sequential and must not be reset during the survey. The purpose of the sequential number is to provide a check that all data files have been preserved and to provide an indication of where logging was stopped and restarted.


  • After a system restart, manually set the line number counter to the last sequence number +1 before restarting logging.

  • It is not necessary to have the sub area in the file name.

  • If single and dual head installations are both used in one survey, the string 'dual' should be appended to the appropriate file name.

  • Calibration lines should be included in the numbering sequence.

  • If the survey is divided into two legs, the file sequence should not be reset but continuous and uninterrupted.

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