Report - Statement of Quality

The final step in the process, the report step, is a collection of results and a determination of overall quality. The determination should be captured in the form of a statement of quality. This essentially certifies the usability of the dataset.

Every dataset published should include a report called a Statement of Quality (SOQ). This is a report on the overall quality of a dataset and a determination of the ‘fitness-for-purpose’, thus a derivation and reasonable indicator of usability. 

Quality Dimensions

What is a SOQ?

A Statement of Quality helps ASB’s end users decide how to best use a published dataset. The SOQ describes the characteristics of quality according to a standardised list of dimensions. Each dimension contains a list of questions that are asked of the dataset to help end users understand rating given. The determination of quality is made post processing and is not reflective of source or collection.   

The SOQ is constructed through a collaborative process that aims to answer targeted questions. The Data Manager for ASB data is charged with ensuring the process is collaborative and accurate. The questions used for reporting are based on the following six dimensions of quality:  

  • Accuracy  

  • Completeness  

  • Consistency  

  • Integrity 

  • Uniqueness  

  • Validity 

These dimensions are further compressed along the lines of whether there is enough data (completeness), whether the data is correct (validity), how accurate the measurements are (accuracy) and how well the data is formed (consistency, integrity, and uniqueness). 

Star Rating

The rating given to each dimension of quality and the overall structure of producing a Statement of Quality is similar to that of the NSW Government’s Data Quality Reporting Tool and aims to provide an understanding how a particular dataset sits in terms of quality. It also provides a description of the characteristics, assumptions, and constraints.

The quality rating used by ASB follows a grading system of 1-5 for each of the 4 dimension areas (Accuracy, Completeness, Consistency, Uniqueness and Integrity and Validity). Each dimension asks several questions to help frame the dimension rating. This is then averaged out to provide a visual star rating per dimension.  

For each question: “yes” = 1 point; “no” = 0 points, the number of points per dimension tallied will equal the star rating for each dimension.


Quality Rating


Quality Rating


Very Good





Accuracy = 4/5

Completeness = 5/5

Consistency, uniqueness and integrity = 3/5

Validity = 4/5

Overall average = 4/5

Star Rating = Very Good

SOQ Template

Click here to download Statement of Quality Template.


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