Completeness (Report)


This quality dimension is both the coverage of the data according to the scope and requirements of the collection, and the presence of gaps within the survey products. Completeness could be weighted lower for users if the relevance is high, or the purpose of the collection is such that a complete dataset isn’t necessary. 

Questions to answer completeness:

  1. Does the data conform to standard definitions, classifications, and specifications? 

  2. Are there No gaps in the dataset (Or reasoning been recorded)? 

  3. Has the dataset met the original purpose for collection, and does it accurately represent what it was designed to measure?   

  4. Are all Metaquality minimum fields populated?      

  5. The data is complete and does not form collection, is not one part of series of data?  

  6. Is the data collected and managed according to ASB Data Quality Framework? 

  Checks that link to completeness

  1. Completeness and Data Gaps 

  2. Metaquality 

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