Logical Consistency (Quality Check)


Data structures that adhere to rules, attributes and relationships as required from data specifications. Logical consistency can be achieved through standardised and replicable data organization across the global marine community. Logical consistency ensures data and data products are interoperable and transparent. 


  1. No redundant files: Ensure there are no duplicated, corrupted (missing or irrelevant files included in the final dataset. 

Pass Requirements 

  1. No redundant files: Run the bathymetry L0 (Raw.all), L1/L2 GSF through MATE and ensure that all data pass the QA test. 

Example 1


Raine Island (Brisbane Darwin Transit) Bathymetry Acquisition (20210004S/GA4873) 

Test results  

One file failed (missing) the MATE’s QA test for the Ray tracing, Bathymetry and Backscatter. 




This datasets fails checks 1 as listed above. 


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