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  1. Temporal accuracy  

  2. Temporal consistency 

  3. Temporal validity 


Pass Requirements  

  1. Temporal accuracy: Ensure time stamps are included in the metadata (UTC time) so users can identify when the dataset version was created. This can help identify the latest version of a dataset.  

  2. Temporal consistency: Ensure a standardised file naming convention and metadata structure is followed so the dataset version is easily understood.  

  3. Temporal validity: Ensure a detailed work flow is included in the metadata so users can identify the order of changes made to the data and are able to replicate the process.  


titlePass example

Description   Survey X 

Beagle Marine Park bathymetry survey 2018 (20180011S)

Test results   

  1. Temporal accuracy: Time stamps are in consistent formats in the metadata. 

  2. Temporal consistency: File name formats are consistent. 




This dataset passes all checks listed above.